Position Detail TA for Dr. Rob Kahn (CFR/World Bank/IMF)

Global Policy Program (GPP)
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  • Position Details:

    Hours/Week: 4 HRS
    Hourly Rate: $18.00
    Expires: Dec 22, 2018

    Campus : Washington DC
  • Job Contact Info:

  • nreichb1@jhu.edu

TA for Dr. Rob Kahn (CFR/World Bank/IMF) Position

Job Description

Dr. Rob Kahn (formerly of Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, IMF, and Council of Economic Advisers) is seeking a TA for his Monetary Policy and International Banking course.

The course will meet on December 15 (9am - 12pm), January 5th (9am - 12pm), January 18 (9am - 12pm), February 1(2pm - 5pm), and February 16 (9am- 12pm).

The course is part of the MAGP, a program at SAIS for mid-career students.

The TA will assist Dr. Kahn during class and work with students on homework assignments. Deep knowledge of international monetary policy and basic excel modelling is required.

Please send resume to Noah Reichblum, Program Coordinator for MAGP, at nreichb1@jhu.edu

BIO: Dr. Kahn is currently the Steven A. Tananbaum Senior Fellow for International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. Prior to joining CFR, he was a senior strategist with Moore Capital Management, a senior adviser in the financial policy department at the World Bank, and held senior staff positions at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Citigroup, the U.S. Treasury, the Council of Economic Advisers, and the Federal Reserve. His areas of expertise include international economic policy, debt restructuring and debt policy, and financial markets.