Position Detail China Studies - Short Term Research Assistant

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    Hours/Week: 20 HRS
    Hourly Rate: $15.00
    Expires: Mar 30, 2021

    Campus : Washington DC
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  • itlong@jhu.edu

China Studies - Short Term Research Assistant Position

Job Description

A Research Assistant to work with Professor Mann.  

Project Description: Princeton U. Press publishes a collected volume of essays about each presidential administration after it comes to an end -- with different scholars or authors writing about different aspects of the presidency. They're now putting together the volume on President Trump.  Professor Mann is working on , and they've asked me to do the chapter on Trump and China.

Time is short: they're looking for at least a draft from me in mid-March.

The work in question would involve finding clips on the impact of President Trump's actions, filing articles already collected, maybe transcribing an interview or two .