Position Detail Student Research Data Analyst - Berman Institute of Bioethics

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  • Position Details:

    Hours/Week: 10 HRS
    Hourly Rate: $28.00
    Expires: Feb 26, 2021

    Campus : Washington DC
  • Job Contact Info:

  • rmclare2@jhmi.edu

Student Research Data Analyst - Berman Institute of Bioethics Position

Job Description

Interested in food systems data? Three part-time positions, running to the end of July 2021 with the possibility of continuing on afterwards, are available where you will work with Professor Jess Fanzo, a Senior Data Analyst, and the Food Systems Dashboard team working on food systems data analysis to prepare an annual Global Food Systems 2030 Report.

The UN Food Systems Summit of 2021 will mark the point at which transformative actions will be identified, committed to, and begin to be implemented. The actions will accelerate food system outcomes for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to health, hunger, climate, natural resource use, livelihoods, and resilience. Currently there is no global mechanism to: (1) monitor food system transformation commitments of governments, businesses, civil society, donors, and the UN, (2) highlight promising actions that need to be scaled, and (3) bring together data from disparate sources on food system performance. The Global Food Systems 2030 Report could be the first commitment to be realized from the Summit.

You will work on collecting and analyzing food systems data coming from the Food Systems Dashboard and other food databases for the 2021 report to highlight (a) the performance of different food systems using a range of indicators that are updated on a yearly basis; (b) which countries are and are not meeting Summit commitments and who are off track with regard to the above outcomes (countdown portion of the report); (c) what food system transformation looks like in different contexts; and (d) with options for actions to further accelerate transformation. You will work on the following:

  • Assessing, compiling, and quality assurance of cross-nationally and regionally comparable data for indicators on the situation of food systems;

  • Supporting the integration of different data-driven resources, such as summary tables, charts, and relevant visuals to describe food systems;

  • Contributing to the development and writing of the report;

  • Drafting communication and dissemination materials related to the global report and other dissemination and communication materials;

  • Curating the country profiles on the Food Systems Dashboard, including fact-checking and content updates as required;

  • Producing and maintaining the Food Systems Dashboard in line with the contents of the report; and

  • Conducting critical literature reviews in specific thematic areas as listed above


  • Hours: 10-20 hours per week; exact time table flexible

  • Pay: Up to $28 per hour for PhD students commensurate with experience, skills, and background

  • Remote: can work remotely with virtual check-ins with the Senior Data Analyst and project team

Required Qualifications

  • Graduate student of Johns Hopkins in international development, economics, food and agriculture, nutrition, public health, or other related field

  • Experience in collecting, analyzing, and communicating about qualitative and quantitative data in food security, nutrition, markets and resilience analysis, climate change and environment, and agriculture

  • Ability to work with large, complex databases

  • Ability to visualize data and design graphics of data

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English

  • Goal-oriented and creative team player