Position Detail FPI Senior Research Assistant (Hummel)

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  • Open Position
  • Position Details:

    Hours/Week: 19 HRS
    Hourly Rate: $30.00
    Expires: Aug 31, 2021

    Campus : Washington DC
  • Job Contact Info:

  • vrosell1@jhu.edu

FPI Senior Research Assistant (Hummel) Position

Job Description

The Foreign Policy Institute is seeking a part-time Senior Research Assistant with a knowledge of diplomacy and Cold War history to help Edward Luce of the Financial Times research a biography of Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski, US national security advisor (1977 to 1981).


Primary Qualifications:

• Research background in twentieth century US diplomacy.

• Experience or strong interest in the conduct and study of diplomacy

• Excellent written and oral communication skills.

• Ability to understand and anticipate the author’s research needs – in tandem with the author.  

• Creativity in how to use copious research material and flexibility in working according to the author’s needs.  

• The post holder should expect to perform duties requiring 20 – 25 hours a week.

The position will serve as the primary assistant to Mr. Edward Luce, US Editor for the Financial Times who will be authoring a unprecedented comprehensive biography of Dr. Brzezinski.  The post holder will work directly for Mr. Luce in the creation of the biography and report to Dr. Carla Freeman, Director of the Foreign Policy Institute. The SRA will work up for roughly a year including through this summer at the Library of Congress and - when it can be done digitally - from home.   

For more information and any specific inquiries on the Brzezinski Initiative, its biography project and SRA duties related to it, please contact Foreign Policy Institute Program Coordinator, Ms.Virginia Rosell, vrosell1@jhu.edu.


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